Before beginning any instrument-specific training courses (as participant or auditor), the course Every Child Can! © must be completed.  The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) requires that Every Child Can!, Unit One and Unit Two courses be taken in sequence.  Training taken out of order may not be accepted by the SAA.

Teacher Training Institute: June 7-15, 2018

Every Child Can!: June 7
Cello: Revisiting Unit 1 (June 7-11); Nurturing Artistry in Young Cellists (June 11-15)*
* Supplementary Activities and Materials to Enrich and Empower the Youngest Suzuki Cellists.
Piano: Unit 1 (June 8-15); Unit 2 (June 7-11); Unit 3 (June 11-15)
Recorder: Unit 1 (June 8-15)
Violin: Unit 1 (June 8-15); Unit 2 (June 7-11); Unit 3 (June 11-15); Unit 4 (June 7-11); Unit 5 (June 11-15)

Participant/Auditor Status

Teachers may choose to attend the course as a participant or auditor.  A participant is someone who meets the course requirements and wishes to register their teacher training course with the SAA.  An auditor is someone who does not meet the course requirements but still wishes to attend the course.  Advanced high school students may be admitted to the course as auditors.  Auditors may not register the course with the SAA.  The course must be repeated at a later date in order to be registered.

Audition Recording Requirements

To qualify as a participant in training courses, applicants must submit a video recording audition of specified repertoire to the SAA, preferably prior to enrollment. For complete audition requirements/deadlines click here or call the SAA toll free at 888-378-9854.

Teacher Training Courses

Every Child Can! (ECC)June 7, 2018Rita Hauck
Cello: Revisiting Unit 1June 7-11, 2018Carey Cheney
Cello: Nurturing Artistry in Young CellistsJune 11-15, 2018Carey Cheney
Piano: Unit 1June 8-15, 2018Rita Hauck
Piano: Unit 2June 7-11, 2018Jane Kutscher Reed
Piano: Unit 3June 11-15, 2018Jane Kutscher Reed
Violin: Unit 1June 8-15, 2018Vera McCoy-Sulentic
Violin: Unit 2June 7-11, 2018Pat D'Ercole
Violin: Unit 3June 11-15, 2018Pat D'Ercole
Violin: Unite 4June 7-11, 2018Judy Bossuat-Gallic
Violin: Unit 5June 11-15, 2018Judy Bossuat-Gallic
Recorder Unit 1June 8-15, 2018Mary Halverson Waldo

Course Fees

Every Child Can! (ECC)$145
Violin Unit 1$685
ECC & Violin Unit 1$805
Violin Unit 2$455
Violin Unit 3$455
Violin Units 2 & 3$885
Violin Unit 4$455
Violin Unit 5$455
Violin Units 4 & 5$885
Cello Revisiting Unit 1$455
Cello Supplementary$455
Cello both courses$885
Piano Unit 1$685
ECC & Piano Unit 1$805
Piano Unit 2$455
Piano Unit 3$455
Piano Units 2 & 3$885
Recorder Unit 1$685
ECC & Recorder 1$805