Zoom Instructions


Below, please find easy instructions regarding using Zoom for the MSI courses.



A computer with a camera and microphone is enough to get you started. An iPad or smart phone will work too. Make sure to minimize any background noises, including ceiling fans.

The biggest way to improve video quality is to use a wired connection rather than wireless (if possible). Also make sure no one else in your house is streaming (e.g. movies or gaming) at the same time.


  • For laptops, you might use a tall table (stack a couple books if needed). For tablets, a music stand is ideal. Basically, you want the teacher to be able to see your full upper body.
  • Make sure the camera isn’t pointed in front of a bright window.


When you’re ready for your class, click on the link that was sent to you. If you have not already downloaded the Zoom app, you will be instructed to do so. You do not have to have a Zoom account to join the meeting, but you must have the app downloaded. When it’s time for your class, The instructor will admit you.
The first time you have your class, you’ll need to optimize the audio settings for music. (If you’re using a tablet or phone instead of a computer you may not have all of these options, so just do what you can).
  1. On the bottom control bar, lower left, click the arrow next to microphone.
  2. Select the last menu item, “Audio settings.”
  3. Under the “Microphone” heading, there’s a box that says “Automatically adjust microphone volume.” Turn this OFF.
  4. Just below this, there’s a box that says, “Allow option for using original sound.” Turn this ON. 
  5. Now, on the lower right of this same window, click “Advanced.”
  6. From here, you’ll see two options: “Suppress persistent background noise,” and “Suppress intermittent background noise. Turn both of these OFF.
  7. Exit from the settings menu. 
  8. In the main video screen, in the upper left corner, you should see a grey box that says, “Enable Original Sound.” Click this “on”. If your device doesn’t show this button, no worries.


Please set up and log in a few minutes early so you are ready to go when your class begins.
Parents of elementary-age students should attend the full lesson just as they would at their Suzuki lesson. In addition to taking good notes, you’ll be helping your child with posture adjustments and understanding each lesson item.
Presentation : The student should dress in a way that is comfortable and lesson-appropriate.
Materials : Students should prepare as they would for an in-person lesson, including trimming fingernails. Have all materials ready to go (including their instrument, Suzuki book(s), a pencil, etc.).