Student Curriculum

Semi-Private Lessons & Group Classes
These classes are designed to reinforce the education received by both the studio teacher and the parent.  Students should be prepared to play a polished piece for the first semi-private lesson on Monday.  For the group class, pieces will be chosen from the repertoire list included in your registration packet.

Elective Classes
In addition to daily masterclasses and group classes, each student will choose one elective class (included in tuition). Additional elective classes can be added for $75 per class. See descriptions below.

Music Theory I
Instructor: Dr. Robert Hauck
This is an introduction to music theory for beginners and will include: music staff, symbols (notes-music alphabet, rests, time and key signatures, tempi, dynamics) Students will receive instructions about how to make a set of music alphabet cards at home (Or a set can be received by mail for a fee of $5.00).

Music Theory II
Instructor: Dr. Robert Hauck
After a brief review of music notes, rests, and dynamics, this course will include music terms, tempi, time and key signatures, scales,  circle of fifths, rhythmic and melodic dictation, as well as composers and periods of music history.  Students must have staff paper and pencil.  Other study materials will be available online to print prior to class.

Singing Lessons
Instructor: Dr. Robert Hauck
Learn the basics of good singing including posture, breathing, diction, vowel and consonant pronunciation, listening and production of beautiful tone. Students will be sent a song to learn before beginning the online class.

A Rhythm Toolbox
Instructors: David Dickens
A study of rhythm from around the world and ways to incorporate and dissect any rhythm that approaches you in your own literature. 

Beginning Ukulele
Instructor: Megan Carnevale
In this class, participants will learn basic ukulele chords and technique.

Introduction to Irish Fiddle – Level 1 (Easy Irish Fiddle Tunes)
Instructor: Tom Morley
In this class, we’ll discover some of the history of the Irish emigration to America and the traditional music they brought with them. We’ll learn some classic Irish polkas, reels and jigs (for an introduction to 6/8 time), blending reading from sheet music (provided) along with an emphasis on playing by ear (the way folk fiddlers have historically learned their tunes). Tunes will match the difficulty level of Suzuki Violin Book 1.

Advanced Irish Fiddling – Level 2
Instructor: Tom Morley
For more advanced players, we’ll learn more challenging Irish traditional tunes, including some in unique time signatures (such as 9/8 and 12/8). We’ll learn the techniques used by Irish fiddlers to give the tunes an authentic sound, including bowing styles, slurs and ornaments. Tunes will match the difficulty level of Suzuki Violin Book 2 (and up).

Intro to Suzuki Recorder (piano and string students)
Instructor: Mary Halverson Waldo
This class is an introduction to Suzuki recorder playing for students, ages 3 – 8, with zero to some recorder experience. The daily sessions will include group recorder playing, games, and activities to provide the foundations for further training.

Music Theory Games
Instructor: Mary Ann Mears

In this introduction to note reading class, students will make their own musical games that will give them the basics of note reading, rhythms, dynamics, and musical terms in a fun and playful atmosphere.

Instructor: Ali Michael

Students will create projects exploring different techniques and materials. Students will get a list of supplies needed for the class.

Suzuki Creative Movement
Instructor: Elizabeth O’Connell

Stretch, strengthen, and move to familiar Suzuki themes. Students will be introduced to basic dance principles and steps. Participants are requested to wear comfortable clothing and socks. Dance wear is encouraged, but not necessary.